“Nicolien helped me beyond what I ever expected from a coach. She is part strategist, part thought provoker, and part cheerleader. Since working with Nicolien I have improved areas of my life that I had almost given up on – time management and procrastination, health and wellbeing, and career focus. With her kind but firm guidance and her great sense of humour she made me instantly comfortable and showed me to how to keep myself focused, accountable, and clear on my values and goals. Nicolien doesn’t give you the answers, she asks the right questions so you find the answers yourself.
As a result of working with Nicolien I have found my close relationships and communication have also improved dramatically. If you are looking for someone who you can be yourself with, learn from about yourself, determine your goals and achieve your potential, look no further than Nicolien.” Jess, Adelaide, South Australia

“I enjoyed being part of Nic’s team. I have worked for several coaching institutes now, worked with different coaches and managers and I can say, with a confident tone, that she had a respectful, valuable “coaching approach" in managing me and my colleagues. She knows how to adapt to the speed of the person (in every aspect) who is in front of her, whether as a client, coachee or colleague and to engage the person individually with empathy and understanding. She has a profound background in her field and the coaching is simply the perfect top up of it and her already open, solution-oriented and caring personality. And I love her humour as well!" Sarah, Manly

“Nicolien is very professional and insightful. I had the opportunity to be debriefed on the Motiva Assessment tool by Nicolien. In a very short time she was able to provide clarity and pin point during our conversation what matters to me and provide some direction and quick solutions to be able to get started in moving forward. I have done more in one week since our meeting , then I have in the last few months trying to working this out on my own. Thank you Nicolien." Manager, Sydney

“Fabulous morning with you and I can’t thank you enough for giving me a target to focus on with my post age 60 plans. I will make a determined effort to achieve the goals I set and I accept the challenge to move me out of my comfort zone.” Career-rethinker, Overseas

“The conversations and interaction I had with Nicolien where very constructive, informative and very beneficial. She made me focus on the what was important and ensure I made the correct career choice. Nicolien quickly understood my particular circumstances and tailored our meetings so not to go over redundant information. The slight tweaks to my resume improved it tremendously – very impressive” Bob, Sydney

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