Improve motivation

Brainco has the tools to figure out why there is a lack of employment interest or motivation and we give employees the responsibility to find solutions.

After a short, powerful assessment (Motiva), one of our qualified coaches debriefs the person on their own interests, motivations, needs, values and skills and coaches them to find options, ideas and solutions to improve their engagement and happiness at work.

As their leader, it is not your responsibility to make them happy, but you do need to give them the tools for them to stay motivated and engaged in their work.

Another beanbag, a better bottle of wine at the Friday drinks, unfortunately gives just short-term boost. What truly interests and motivates a person is up to that person to uncover and work with.

It’s amazing to see people getting insights on how to become more engaged, motivated and happy in their work.

Motiva is a scientifically proven, internationally renowned assessment and mapping solution that brings together motivational research to answer questions such as: am I in the right job, what would make me (more) motivated and engaged in my work, or what’s missing?

Together with the coaching, we help identify, understand and adjust the individual’s main professional interests and sources of motivation at work.

By aligning a person’s values and motivations to a live database of jobs, Motiva allows you also to rethink career planning and the future of work.

“… I had the opportunity to be debriefed on the Motiva Assessment tool by Nicolien. In a very short time she was able to provide clarity and pin point during our conversation what matters to me and provide some direction and quick solutions to be able to get started in moving forward. I have done more in one week since our meeting, then I have in the last few months trying to working this out on my own.. “

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